How I keep my hair healthy and vibrant

One question I always get asked is how I keep my hair healthy, despite having silver/grey hair. I've always been quite lucky with my hair in the sense that I've almost always looked after it and it always seems healthy and never appears dead or too damaged. I did go through a spell following a bad hairdresser where my hair was frazzled at the ends following bleaching sessions every 3-4 weeks and I had VERY short hair. I'm talking shaved on one side and pixie cut short. I also had a hair burning incident with a curling iron and my hair snapping after trying to curl it post hair spraying (definitely not recommended).  

This brief spell of poorly hair made me really up my game with my hair care routine. Ever since then I have never let my hair get so damaged and my hair has never felt better. I am also a massive advocate of not using too many expensive hair products as I find I chop and change my routine with regards to brands depending on what's new and what my hair needs…

What's on my music playlist list month? ~ March edition

George Ezra ~ Paradise

Rudimental ~ These days

Picture this ~ Never change

Florence & The Machine ~ Bird song (oldie but so under rated)

George Ezra (again..)~ Hold my girl


Hello lovelies. Welcome back to another baking post. As it was Rob's birthday recently, he requested a carrot cake for his birthday buffet as it's his favourite and he never can eat a shop bought or cafe made cake as he has a super severe nut allergy. I've made him one a few times however this time I altered my usual recipe (shock) and it tasted bloody fantastic if I do say so myself. With a mix of spices and some super sweetness, this cake is a delight to have at a birthday, tea party or just a casual weekend cuppa and cake get together with close ones. Obviously, feel free to add the traditional walnuts to top the cake off, however this recipe uses a totally nut free recipe. Happy baking my loves. 

Ingredients for sponge
250g carrots finely grated 150mls vegetable oil 3 large free range eggs 230g self raising flour 230g light brown sugar or golden caster sugar 100g caster sugar  1 tbsp golden syrup 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp ginger 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnammon 1/2 tsp mixed spice

Acne do's & do not's

Hello lovely people, I hope your well. Today, I thought I would share a few things I have learnt along my acne fighting journey for the past 10+ years as personally, there is so much crap posted about how to 'cure' acne which is never a 'cure'. Banishing acne is something I have never done, but for those who have acne, will understand when I say acne doesn't just disappear over a few days or weeks. It is a long drawn out process which I have found some little hints and tips which can help on this journey to clear or clearer skin. Now, I'm not saying that you MUST do this in order to take control of your acne, everyone's skin is totally different. Some of these things haven't worked for others, just as some of their do's and do not's haven't worked for me. Everyone's skin reacts different to different methods or products. This post is to simply help those who are new to their acne diagnosis or who have had acne for a while, but are stuck …

Songs I'm currently loving (Feb 2018)

Hello, and welcome back. So, feb's playlist of my favourite songs this month is a wee bit late. However, better late than never am I right? Last month was a great month for music as we watched The Greatest Showman in cinemas (I seen it twice it was that amazing), I have none stopped listened to the soundtrack. Even nearly a month later, I can't help but listen to the soundtrack at least once a day. We also had Valentines Days where as a gift, me and Rob bought each other a vinyl each. I can't wait to listen to my new P!nk vinyl as I love her newest album which I have been listening to through Spotify quite a bit. Theres just something lovely about listening to a vinyl. What have you been listening to lately? :)

P!NK ~ Barbies

The Greatest Showman ~ This is me

Paloma Faith ~ Warrior

Royal Blood ~ Lights out

Red hot chilli peppers ~ Can't stop

Body Coach Style Muffins

Welcome back hinnies, happy Wednesday. How has your week been? This week, I've been dabbling in Joe Wicks or 'the Body Coaches' recipes as part of my 'healthy life, health me' kick. I was always a bit sketchy how his recipes could be healthy, but still contain butter etc. until I seen his TV program on channel 4 and wow. I was so bloody amazed how much weight people has lost in just 90 days. Inspo much?!

One recipe of his that caught my eye was these 'breakfast muffins' which he made with strawberries and cocoa powder. Obvs, I changed it up a lil' (shock) and they tasted bloody amazing. So tasty, yet, a real healthy alternative to having a proper muffin.  

Ingredients ; 
3 soft Banana's
1 Punnet of raspberries
180 grams of oats
1.5 tbsp chocolate protein powder
2 large free range eggs
2 tsp of baking powder
Method ; 
Line a 12 muffin, muffin tray with butter and preheat oven to 190c / 374f
Mash banana in a bowl using fork
Mix in 2 eggs
Add oats and protein powde…

Feeling out the loop

Photography ; myself  Location ; Seaton Deleval Hall, Whitley Bay

Hello my little lovelies. Welcome back to my little patch on the internet. This week has been a total write off, I've felt so out the loop with missing a week of blog posts due to Norovirus and various other bugs that seem to be attracted to me these last few weeks. Despite doing sooo well and having posts ready to be posted for several weeks, the one week I didn't have posts scheduled earlier, I became sick. 

Does anyone feel that when they've missed a few blog posts, for whatever reason, they have a creative block and don't have a bloody clue what to blog about or what to do to gain some inspiration to write a post? I felt that I had no energy or motivation to think or do things to blog about until I sat to write this and planned Wednesday's post. I suppose being sick has given me a little break from reality and blogging but I am raring to go and I'm happy to be on the mend and ready to write mor…